we-ripped-up-the-ending → Would you do Italian Ice, please? (:

i’ll add it to the list! thanks for the suggestion :)

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motok-wolf → I love your blog, Can you make one with pistachios? :9

thanks! i’ll add it to my list of ideas! :)

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lukerobertskywalker → holy food. I cant even. U"#;),)"@"-"/"

aww, thank you! <3

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pikibear → I would love to see Mousaka. It tasts sooo good :)

i’ll add it to the list! thanks for the idea :)

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i’ve been away from tumblr for a bit, and for some reason i was never notified that i had a ton of messages! so sorry for the delayed responses, i’ll be answering all of them now (probably privately so as not to clog anyone’s dash). <3 you all!

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sadcauliflower → Just wanted to know, what videos do you use to make your gifs? Where do you find the videos? Thanks!

Hi there! I find my videos on various youtube cooking channels, and sometimes vimeo. Usually it’s just searching for various keywords of the food I’m looking for until I find a video that works for making gifs :)

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mini choux

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missesleigh → I get a foodgasm by just looking at your blog 😍

you’re welcome :3

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namibulous → do you have any food porn of healthy snacks and superfoods? ovo

it’s not quite as porny as the other posts, but i have a few healthy posts. :3

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zero-fret → Could you do one on macaroons? Or have you?

There are quite a few macaron posts, but if you’re talking about coconut macaroons, I haven’t done any yet… :)

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